Our vitroplants

Many producers of bananas introduced vitroplants into their farming system because of their high agronomic and sanitary potential: precocity, yield, homogeneity, control of telluric parasitism.

Vitropic systematically tests its production of banana tree vitroplants against viruses. Vitropic has an access to the CIRAD-FHLOR selected clones of banana trees and diffuses more particularly the followings:


Cavendish Poyo : also called Robusta. It is quite tolerant to some hydric deficit or water excess, but its high size makes it sensitive to wind.

Grande Naine : it presents a smaller size than Poyo, it is regarded as the most productive Cavendish when culture conditions are good.

Williams : quite similar to the Grande Naine but adapted to fresher areas.

Petite Naine : the smallest of the high producers, it is often preferred in marginal zones of culture and under shelter.


The direct use of vitroplant is limited by the plantation density, 50 to 70000 plants/ha, but they are particularly adapted to variety conversions. Vitroplants constitute the basic planting material with which horticultural practices for an accelerated vegetative multiplication will be used. The vitroplants are grown in nursery during 4 to 6 months before being installed in the field.

VITROPIC multiplies the best individuals of selected clones and hybrids resulting from the CIRAD-FHLOR research program in genetics.


The Cayenne Group : the most widespread group as well as for the canning industry and for export of fresh fruits. Selections diffused by Vitropic are AN 38 and Fils de Chalvet.

The Queen Group : primarily intended for export as fresh. Its fruit is smaller and more yellow that the Cayenne fruit. Selection diffused by Vitropic: Victoria, Mac Gregor, Tahiti, Mauritius.

The Mordilona Group : particularly adapted to altitude areas, the fruit is more resistant to shocks than the Queen fruits. Selection diffused by Vitropic: Perolera Manzana offering a red fruit at maturity.





Bajoo and other ornamental banana trees : also individually delivered. See weaning details.

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