Established since 1986 in the Languedoc Roussillon region, near Montpellier,
presents an important production potential of 3 to 5 millions plants/year with 700 m2 of laboratory, 250 m2 of heated greenhouse, a technical and logistic team of 15 persons.

Vitropic exports its products in the whole world.

High Technologies

The installations of this laboratory of production have been especially designed to obtain a vegetal material of perfect sanitary and high horticultural quality.

Each culture room permits to autonomously vary temperature, photoperiod and light intensity according to the specific needs of each species and each in vitro development stage.

A rigorous production process

Vitropic multiplication of banana trees and pineapple is subjected to a certified procedure involving research organizations, approved laboratories, the Plant Protection Service and approved nursery gardeners. See detailed process.

Active R&D and new technical paths

VITROPIC constantly adapts to improve its products quality and to preserve its competitiveness. The company not only permanently selects and multiplies the best varieties but also continuously innovates to diversify its products range and reach new markets.

High Quality Partnerships

VITROPIC works in close relationship with national and international research centres of Montpellier (CIRAD, IRD, INRA, ). VITROPIC then profits in real time from the latest technological innovations relative to new varieties and micro propagation techniques. Vitropic and its partners also aims to develop with its clients a cooperation relationship.


In close connection with the French Plant Protection Service, VITROPIC offers large sanitary guaranties and is preparing the certification of its vitroplants.

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