What is a vitroplant?

Vitroplants are obtained by in vitro micro propagation of mother plants. They are a powerful material which presents many advantages:


- Sanitary Quality: the major interest of banana tree vitroplants compared to traditional material is the absence of nematodes on the plantation material. Their use on healthy grounds or fallow makes it possible to considerably reduce nematicid treatments for a cheaper and more ecological production. In its planting areas, banana tree vitroplants allowed new technical itineraries associating high yields and reduction of pesticides.



The vitroplants present also a sanitary quality towards bacteria and of fungi. Moreover, testing of our material allows the multiplication of virus-free vitroplants.





- Agronomic Quality: vitroplants are characterized by a faster and more homogeneous development and a higher productivity compared to traditional plantation. The homogeneity induces a simplified plantation organization and a pooling of harvests. Plantation mechanization is possible with vitroplants and is under study in the Antilles.




- Availability of the planting vegetal material: the use of vitroplants makes it possible to get rapidly and in all season great quantities of plantlets. This availability facilitates the management of the exploitations.

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